Nancy Joly
Integrated Health Counselor


I am still not sure what she does, but I know that my life has changed since I have been going to Nancy. There is a grounded feeling of genuine happiness and an assurance that I did not know was in me until now. Filled with gratitude I now look forward to whatever life brings.

S. Taylor
Business Executive
New York, NY

When we started I was questioning all the relationships in my life and how I could improve them and be more satisfied. After our first session I heard my inner voice tell me that this would lead me to my true life's work.

When we’re working together, I feel I am in a comfortable, non-judgmental, safe environment where I can explore the difficult issues of my life in order to understand them and myself better. I have had some profound experiences during the table work. I always leave feeling more centered and at peace than when I arrived.

The work has been transformative. I have often wondered - out loud - where I would be in my life if I had not started working with you.

Gail S.
Sales Representative
East Haddam, CT

My work with Nancy Joly has changed me and my experience of life in tremendously positive ways. This interior transformation has been subtle yet dramatic, affecting all of my capabilities and all of my relationships.

Speaking as someone who has utilized a number of different healing modalities in the past (including psychological work, Reiki, Electromagnetic Field Balancing, Reflexology, journaling and dream work, among others), I can say without qualification that all the other methods I've explored now seem like puddles (or, at most, ponds) compared to an ocean when I consider them in comparison to the work with Nancy and the results that have manifested in my life.

This life-changing work is the most difficult and also the most rewarding work I can imagine. I highly recommend it to those who are brave enough to explore their deepest depths and, in the process, expand their horizons beyond whatever they had previously imagined was possible.

Jude Rittenhouse
Rhode Island

I am still not sure what she does, but I know that my life has changed since I have been going to Nancy. There is a grounded feeling of genuine happiness and an assurance that I did not know was in me until now. Filled with gratitude I now look forward to whatever life brings.

S. Taylor
Business Executive
New York, NY

Nancy Joly is a wise and compassionate woman and an acutely sensitive healer. I recommend her work to anyone with the courage to deeply explore and integrate his or her shadow side in order to come into the Light of being more fully human.

Having worked as a therapist for many years, I find that the work Nancy does goes far beyond therapy. She seamlessly integrates a variety of healing processes from her wide-ranging study and training. Nancy is highly intuitive and her commitment to her own on-going growth work has brought her both wisdom and compassion. These qualities have enabled her to be fully present to support and guide me through all the dark corners of my inner healing journey. Beyond the words, it is Nancy’s deeply centered presence and the specific spiritual healings she does that take this work beyond any therapy I have ever experienced. Her ability to hold these healing states of consciousness is the very essence of the transformative process.

Working with Nancy has truly been a process of individuation and I have at last come to accept myself fully as I am with all my strengths, vulnerabilities, preferences, talents, and so on. Consequently, this acceptance of myself has changed how I respond to other people and to this suffering world. This work is not a quick fix. Rather, it is profoundly healing and I am deeply gratefully for Nancy July’s presence in my life.

Louise Lumen, ATR
Art Therapist
Old Lyme, CT

I was looking for an alternative to the endless cycle of talk therapy.

I am a person who is verbal and "in my head" a lot and I wanted to connect my head to my heart, body, soul. I wanted to give my intuitive system, as well as my immune system, a goose.

I met you, liked your energy, your approach, your humor and kindness, and your very palpable sense of serenity. I also liked your story about how and why you began this work in the first place... being ill...finding little or no relief from the world of "traditional medicine" and ultimately finding a healer who helped you mend. Personal stories, like yours, are always the best incentive for me.

The more I sit with you, talk to you, listen to you, the calmer and more centered I feel. You have a gift and you share it --you exude it, really--with grace and wisdom and natural curiosity, but without pretension. The feelings of well-being and deeper growth I had after working with you, kept me coming back. I also love the mystery of it all...the ordinary extraordinary non-verbal wonder of this work you do.

As a result of our work I meditate, I breathe, and sometimes, I even think before I talk, reversing my old pattern of reactivity and poor impulse control. You are a gem, Nancy...

Nancy Cobb
Author and Speaker
New York, NY

After a session with Nancy I have the satisfaction of knowing that I have honored the unspoken needs of my spirit. She has taught me to listen to my body's messages, increased my trust in my own intuition, and helped me untangle mind puzzles that regularly arise. Her kind and patient acceptance of where one is at any point creates a sense of calm and safety in her presence. A session with Nancy can be sweet and humorous or assumption-shattering (or both) but is, above all, the quintessence of nurturing.

Elaine Bentley Baughn, MS, LMFT
Norwich, CT

Before I started working with you I felt very anxious, not understanding what was happening to me. During our first sessions

I appreciated your encouraging my expressions of anger. appreciate your honesty, insight and forthrightness. I begin to understand the power of the silence which follows the spoken words. I also appreciate your understanding of the shattering of the false self which I am involved in. It is a deep process which has been challenging for me and I am grateful for your support. Your work is subtle and often difficult to describe. I wish I had the words to describe it.

Claire L.
Spiritual Teacher
Newtown, PA

My in-person and long-distance healing sessions with Nancy, over the last eleven years, have been instrumental to the well-being of my spiritual and emotional life. I am blessed that she is in my life.

Scottsdale, Arizona

I was seeking guidance and help regarding how to be more present, aware of my truer nature. Prior to seeing Nancy, I had my own practice of awareness and was feeling stuck.

Nancy is fully present when I sit with her. This I noticed immediately at our first session. I have not ever recalled such presence from a prior therapist/counselor. Because she is fully present, this allows me to show up more fully than I normally would under any other kind of setting. Nancy points me towards my most authentic self. I can liken it to being an empty canvas that unfolds to become its own beautiful painting. Nancy provides her space for a much richer, deeper self-discovery here than in any other setting I have experienced.

As a result, I notice that I am more present. A new stillness within is emerging. I feel more firmly planted, more grounded. I am able to open deeply and feel very safe with Nancy. She is gentle and holds the space so I can flower. After my first session with Nancy I remember walking down the steps, saying to myself..."who is that woman.?!"

Sandra K.
Teacher and Counselor

Working with Nancy is the most challenging and fulfilling exploration.

I was looking for something that would help to bridge energy work and more traditional counseling. Nancy's marvelously direct (and sometimes appropriately irreverent) way of "calling out" something that I'd like not to look at straight on has been a blessing (most of the time). At times I feel that this is exactly what I've been looking for my whole life. The table portion of our sessions is never the same as the one before or next. Trusting in Nancy and releasing deeply is always to my benefit. I know I think and behave differently now.

For me the last 4 years have been both transforming and affirming.

Linda F.
Human Resources
Hartfod, CT


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