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Nancy Joly
Integrated Health Counselor

Healing Modalities: How I Work

• Emotional/Psychological/Spiritual Counseling – Together we discuss your life situation from different perspectives, allowing insight and understanding to emerge.

• Energy Healing – Subtle energy flows through our bodies and through the energy field that surrounds us. This can be discerned by someone trained to sense it in another. When your energy gets blocked it can lead to dis-ease. Using light touch, I can help clear the blocks and rebalance your energy flow.

• Integrated Kabbalistic Healing – The Kabbala describes universal principles of the human psyche. A process of subtle attunement allows me to discern where these principles are out of balance in your life. I can then help you achieve a state of greater wholeness through a process of resonance between our fields, as I hold the balanced state in my own body/mind/soul.

• Imaginal Journeying – Guided meditations utilize the power of the imagination in a light trance state to help you access deeper aspects of your own knowing.

• Essential Oils, Bach Flower Remedies, and Perelandra Essences
These adjuncts to the healing process will open, balance, and raise the vibrational frequency of your energy field.

How I Integrate Counseling and Energy Work

Through the counseling exploration, you will come to understand more deeply and fully your situation, where you are and why you are there. Talking can open up awareness and understanding, can bring a situation to consciousness and clarify the truth. It is very important that you be involved in your own healing process, and inquiry is one of the best ways to help you engage with your situation on a deeper level.

The shared experience of counseling provides an opening for the energy work. Things come up in the talking that I can see energetically. Issues reveal themselves and open up, allowing me to address and stabilize them in a nonverbal way.

Negative emotions and beliefs can block our energy, which can then lead to physical illness, as well as perpetuating the emotional issue. Energy work helps dissolve the blocks and gets stagnant energy flowing again and integrated into the whole system. There’s a reciprocal energetic interchange between the parts and the whole.

Working on the energetic level allows you to actually feel a change in your body. You may experience feelings of peace, flow, openness, or a more subtle shift. From this place you may view the original issue with new eyes, and handle it in a very different way.

Part of my job is to teach people to become at home with their own energy system, their emotions, and the dynamics of their family of origin, all of which inform their current behavior. Counseling and healing work are equally important in this exploration.

Atmosphere of Respect

Each thing that comes up is held with honor. Every belief and behavior pattern is acknowledged as a wise and loving solution to some dilemma, though perhaps outdated. It’s important to explore what is relevant for each person, how these solutions have been working for you. How can we get things functioning better in your life? It’s not a cookie-cutter formula. That’s where the art of healing comes in.

My Mission as a Healer

My deep belief is that true nature is everywhere. It manifests in such exquisite divine ways, I’m constantly amazed and delighted. I have a profound respect and love for the unique and infinite ways that Being manifests.

My job is to help guide the process so clients can best manifest who they truly are – which at times is very different than the current appearance. When it happens it’s like coming home. It’s such a relief.

My function is to be a bridge, helping people move from unhappiness to the pleasure of living a life that expresses the true value of who you really are.


(860) 526-3612 | Hadlyme, CT & New York, NY | NanJoly@gmail.com