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Nancy Joly
Integrated Health Counselor


I began studying meditation and alternative healing modalities in 1986, prompted by my own struggle with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Lyme disease, and have been working with clients throughout the United States and in France since 1989. My ongoing training in the healing arts has been profoundly transformational, both on a personal and a professional level.

I have been fortunate to study with many renowned master teachers: in 1998, I graduated from A Society of Souls, where I studied Integrated Kabbalistic Healings with Jason Shulman. Since 1995, I have been in the Ridhwan School, studying the teachings of A.H. Almaas and the Diamond Approach. My work with the human energy field and with the subtle energies of Integrated Kabbalistic Healing form the core of my practice, while my ongoing participation in the Diamond Heart work influences everything I do.

I am also a graduate of the School of Enlightenment and Healing, where I studied energy healing with Dr. Michael Mamas, and of the Center for Intentional Living, where I studied object-relations theory, transpersonal psychology, trauma, family systems, child development, and Jungian imaginal work with Drs. Judith Schmidt and Alexis Johnson. My training in Health Kinesiology, essential oils, Perelandra, and Bach Flower Remedies further enriches my work, as do my years of experience working with hospice patients and their families.

I bring a variety of life experiences to my practice. I have lived in Bermuda, Italy, France, Greece, and Egypt. I have studied philosophy, sociology, art, and alternative learning styles. I have worked in the hotel industry, dived for treasure off the Bermudian coast, run an art gallery off Madison Avenue, taught middle-school French, joined Outward Bound at age 45, and raised two children, from whom I've learned a tremendous amount. My life is a continual process of exploration, whether it's discovering a new artist's body of work, playing with a new set of ingredients in the kitchen, or seeing where my beloved dachshund is going to take me on our next walk.


Intgrated Health Counselor, Nancy Joly


(860) 526-3612 | Hadlyme, CT & New York, NY | NanJoly@gmail.com