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Nancy Joly
Integrated Health Counselor


Q: What is energy, healing energy, or the human energy field?
A: Subtle energy flows through the physical body and its surrounding field – known as the human energy field or aura. Blockages in this energy can lead to illness of various kinds. Healing energy is transmitted through the healer into the client’s field to help it become more free-flowing. This restores balance to the whole system, which results in greater health.

Q: How long does a session last?
A: About an hour and fifteen minutes.

Q: How does a phone session work?
A: During the first portion of the session the client and I explore what is currently going on in the client's life as I begin to attune myself to the energies of that particular session. For the second portion of the session, the client hangs up the phone and lies down in a quiet place, away from any interruptions. Neither energy work nor Integrated Kabbalistic Healing depend on physical touch.

Q: What does a healing feel like?
A: Not everyone feels what's going on during a healing. Some report a sensation of heat, or of a pulsing through the body. Others experience relaxation and peace or a feeling of expansion. But often the healing process manifests less as physical sensation and more as a life change. One's approach to life simply seems to improve. People whose friends have pursued energy work and Kabbalistic Healing often exclaim something like, "My friend is himself, only better!"

Q: Do I have to undress? Is there much physical contact?
A: Clients remain fully clothed throughout the session. Shoes and socks are removed for the table work, as I may apply essential oils to your feet. I use a light touch during a healing, but because physical contact is not intrinsic to Integrated Kabbalistic Healing or energy work, sessions can be conducted just as easily over the phone.

Q: Do you prescribe medication?
A: No. I may recommend essential oils, Bach flower remedies, or Perelandra essences, but these are in no way intended to substitute for prescribed medication. As your need for medication may change, I recommend that you continue to see your physician regularly.

Q: What kind of people typically work with you?
A: There is no typical client. Many of my clients are themselves healthcare professionals: psychotherapists, psychologists, healers, and other health practitioners who come to me in order to further deepen their explorations of their own psyches. The more open one is, the more one is able to benefit from a session. Nothing else is required.


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